Shipping has gotten pretty unpredictable. Ok...Postal prices went up January 17th, 2016. They no longer offer "commercial" prices when you do shipping online. They have raised shipping prices for the flat rate (which was $6.80 before) to $7.20! That's another $.40 increase. I guess it's still a good deal when you are shipping a larger order in the flat rate envelope. If it was sent in a box, it would be much more. I have to actually take a single bubble envelope with a bar of soap in it, etc. AND a larger one that will hold 2 bars, and have them weighed. I'll change the price here when I find out, definitely. I do not intend to charge you any more than necessary to get your soaps to you! If I can ship your order for less, I will refund anything that was a dollar or more over the actual cost. Surprisingly, the more bars you purchase in an order, after two or three, the cheaper it is, when we use a Priority,flat rate padded envelope! Here is the price breakdown for postage, per order:

One bar = $3.00 postage (this may end up being higher, but that's ok...I'm only asking 3.00)

Two bars = $4.00 postage (again, this is a "ballpark" amount.)

3 to 12 bars = a flat rate of $7.20 (this IS the new January 17, 2017 price!)

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