Voo's Pine Tar soaps are amazing for your skin! Many not only use it on their body, but they also wash their hair with it. All of our soaps rinse off quickly and clean, leaving the skin conditioned, moisturized and protected, and it leaves your hair (especially dry hair) feeling conditioned, with fuller body! We did offer two different formulas for your personal needs: Pine Tar regular and Pine Tar Plus, however Pine Tar Plus was so popular that we've decided to just offer the plus version...and the price is lower, reflecting a price cut WE got in some of our ingredients. We wanted to pass on the small savings to you as well! We also now offer Pine Tar with Citronella. We've been told that it is great for when you go hunting or camping, gardening, or just outside enjoying the weather. Both versions apparently are good for outdoors activities, and smells of a rather pine scent...and with the Citronella, you get a lovely citrus scent mixed with it.

Pine Tar is great for regular skin but we've been told that it's quite effective and helpful for what we have labeled, "angry skin". Both scents are made with Pine Tar, which has been said to be very beneficial in helping to calm down symptoms of various skin challenges. We're not allowed to make "claims", and we aren't doctors, but we do invite you to do the research, and check medical, eczema and psoriasis sites. As with everything that we take internally, or apply externally, results will vary and depend upon each individual! We typically make our Pine Tar Soaps using the rustic, hot processed method (which we love!)

Notice there are two options for our Pine Tar Plus Soap. One is the earthy, rustic scent, and the other is the same soap recipe, but with Citronella oil added. Citronella is not a "chemical"... Citronella oil comes from a natural plant and has a wonderful fresh lemon scent...great for hunters, campers, and hikers! Our Pine Tar soaps sell very quickly. We will try very hard to keep up with the demand! Average wt: 4.6 oz some a little less or a little more! Remember, these are hand made, and hand cut!


Ingredients for Pine Tar Plus (regular) : Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Organic, Virgin Olive Oil, Creosote Free Pine Tar, Organic Cedarwood Essence Oil, Organic Babassu Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Possibly Citronella Oil, Vegetable Stearic, Glycerin, Perilla Seed Oil, Frankincense Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Vitamin E. It may contain Citronella.

PINE TAR SOAPS - Only $5.50



FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE "ANGRY" SKIN - we also make a Pine Tar Version of our Hard Lotion...regular scent and also with Citronella. You'll find those two options in the drop-down box below. These come in a tall, round tube (still 2 oz.) and is very helpful for people to use on "angry skin" conditions, like rashes, eczema patches and psoriasis. The round shape makes it easy to zero in on the problem areas. Many feel that it's been quite beneficial in helping with annoying symptoms! We have a couple of customers who live in Florida and in the Deep South, who are applying the Citronella scented lotion before they go outside because of the Zika virus, spread by mosquitoes. Many believe that some bugs (like fleas, ticks, chiggers, etc. and also the flying kind), aren't real fond of the Citronella scent. (FDA most likely has not tested or approved this belief! I'm simply sharing what I've been told by customers, and what I have read in my research for years, too!) So, using the Citronella version very well may be good in certain regions, and also when camping and hiking. (Not sure about hunting!)

PINE TAR HARD LOTION - 2 oz. for only $5.50

IMPORTANT! KNOW YOUR BODY...KNOW YOUR ALLERGIES!!! Our soaps and lotions use oils and butters that come from plants and nuts. Shea Butter, Almond Oil, and other butters and oils that derive from a nut, could cause an allergic reaction if you are sensitive to nuts or nut products, or certain fruits, flowers or plants! Always read the ingredients supplied on each detail page, and packaging, for each soap, before making a purchase and using it!

**Please remember that the weight is an average of each batch. Hand-created Artisan Soap is usually hand-cut and never "exactly" the same weight size. Sometimes the weight will vary between .1-.3 oz. Also understand that as the soap cures and dries, it will lose a bit of water weight. I weigh my soap right after I make and cut it.

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