Nate Voo's soap Artisan has spent a considerable amount of time researching the ingredients that we use, and finding reputable and ethical suppliers to provide us with the best quality of butters, oils, and other ingredients to create our products. This will help insure that our products are as well made, and healthy, as possible. We make our soap in small batches to insure high quality control and purity, using either the hot process or the cold process method. The hot process method creates a wonderfully rustic looking bar and can be sold and used, usually within a week of its making. The cold process method, yields a bit smoother, more refined looking bar, but it takes most batches anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to cure and harden enough to sell. There are some cold process recipes that will actually take longer than 6 weeks! The recipe is the same for both processes, so no matter how the soap was made, you will end up with a soap with moderate sudsing,(because no harsh, weird, unnatural chemicals were used),and a rich, creamy, hydrating lather!

After using your artisan soap, make sure that you place the bar on a surface that will drain off the moisture. The dryer you keep your soap, the longer it will last! We will give you a free oval soap holder for every three bars you purchase in an order, just for this purpose! You can use the drainer on the side of your sink, or place it in a nice soap dish and keep it dry that way. Once people use hand-created artisan soap, they typically don't go back to using commercially made bars. There is a world of difference!

Speaking of commercially made bars, did you ever notice that a large percent of commercially made soaps don't actually use the word "soap" on the packaging? That's because by definition, it isn't actually soap! We, as a society, have been conditioned to think that the more suds a soap makes, the better it cleans. That simply isn't true! A vast number of commercially made soaps have added so many other chemicals and unnatural components, that by law, they aren't allowed to call their product "soap", because technically, it isn't! So, what we do see on the packaging are terms like "Beauty Bar", or "Bath Bar" or "Cleansing Bar". A soap that is GOOD for your skin ... a soap that not only cleans, but also conditions your skin, will not have weird chemicals listed on their ingredients label, nor will it leave your skin tight and dry feeling after you have showered or bathed. If your skin feels tight, and dry it means that your skin has been stripped of its important, natural oils! If your skin feels somewhat stripped, tight and dry, it means important oils have gone down the drain!

Voo products use as many "all natural" ingredients as often as we are able. They are organic, food grade, ethically traded, virgin and extra virgin, unrefined, and sustainable, which means that trees or forests were not damaged or depleted. We sometimes use natural Tussah Silk to add a wonderful, smooth feel to some of our recipes, but it's done in a cruelty-free manner where the silkworms have left their cocoons before the silk is harvested. We use first pressed, cold pressed and also pomace olive oils, unrefined, raw, Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Mango Butter, and so much more! Both natural essence oils and also premium fragrance oils, mixed with the natural scents present in the butters and oils we use, are also used, to create the final scent.

Because our batches are handmade and hand-cut, although they look beautiful, they will not be perfect in their appearance! The look of each bar will vary from batch to batch. This is one of the unique and charming traits about handmade, artisan soap. Sometime the soap will turn out lighter, and sometimes darker in color. The size and weight will vary slightly, and will never be exactly the same between each bar, but they will be close. We do try to make them as uniform as possible, however, keep in mind that these are not commercially created and run through machines that polish and cut each bar, exactly! In any case, what will be the same is the quality and results you get with each bar.

IMPORTANT! KNOW YOUR BODY...KNOW YOUR ALLERGIES!!! Our soaps use oils and butters that come from plants and nuts. Shea Butter, Almond Oil, and other butters and oils that derive from a nut, could cause an allergic reaction if you are sensitive to nuts or nut products, or certain fruits, flowers or plants! Always read the ingredients supplied on each detail page, and packaging, for each soap, before making a purchase and using it!

We will also be offering other creations like own beard oil and also a handful of personally blended fragrance oils. Again, the oils used in these products will be high quality.

We hope that you will enjoy using our wonderful soaps and oils, and that you and your skin will quickly feel the difference! If you ever have question, feel free to contact us!

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